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About us

Myself, Hema, Creator & Founder of BELEDI® and Master Trainer of Beledi® -The Bellydance Workout. I hail from Coimbatore, India. A post graduate in International Business following my passion as a career now. My Dance fitness career has the base from USA as I represented India in USA for a Group Study Exchange program organised by Rotary International. I had the opportunity to witness classes at Cleveland, Ohio. I always wanted to take something back to my country and teach my people and requested Rotary International to help me out in this. My host Mrs. Terri Etchell Speck showed me a path to experience few dance based fitness classes, from there on began as a dance fitness instructor.

Beledi® began in 2016; it was framed as a dance based fitness format because of the overwhelming response from my clients. The magical results of Beledi in women creates the excitement and enthusiasm in class wanting to do more. The various formats in Beledi help them choose the best they need for their body. The classes are framed weekly 3 days to 5 days. We, Beledi instructors were able to notice our body being toned into hour glass figure and the feedback from the clients is the same which gave credit to our achievement. Beledi® makes you look young, fresh and healthy. This dance format is designed exclusively for women and is called “BELEDI®– The Bellydance Workout”.

Athletic & Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

BELEDI®is approved fitness provider of AFAA since 2017.


It follows the standard of AFAA.

The sessions commences with a warm up & winds up with a cool down.

Weekly 2 & half hour of workout is advised to clients.

Knowledgeable instructors are certified to be BELEDI®Instructors.


Simplified dance based fitness format.

Bellydance movements fused with Indian style.

Designed exclusively for women.

Cardio and strengthening workout framed in the ratio required for women body.