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Beledi Format


Beledi Basic is a simplified dance-based fitness format. This simple calorie-burning dance is specifically designed to embrace femininity in you and also will target specific muscle groups using technical concepts of Bellydance. This will help you to tone your body and allows you to embrace the femininity in you. Beledi Basic is a complete workout focusing on stability and rejuvenation of your body.


Beledi Fusion is a step upgrade from Beledi Basic. Designed for those who are ready to burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour. Beledi Fusion moves are blended with Bellydance and Indian Music. Beledi Fusion targets on toning your body by infusing an aerobic cardio routine which targets on burning your calories and strengthening your hips, trunk and legs.

Beledi Kuthu is a blend of traditional folk dance from India in which you will groove to songs from Mollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood movies. Beledi Bhangra Fusion and Beledi Garba Fusion can give high-calorie burning movements with a blend of Bellydance and traditional dance styles like Garba and Bhangra.


Medicine ball is used for strength training and rehabilitation. Mainly used by atheletes for cardio workout. Beledi combined with the use of a medicine ball gives you an external resistance, thus helping you to improve your strength. Beledi Quapen is designed to experience as a game that gives you a fun-filled session. Beledi Quapen, plays an important role in reducing stress.


QUAPEN HIQT focuses on muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance using a medicine ball. This high intensity training results in a total body workout giving that extra push to workout schedule.


Beledi Rashtri uses Veil to increase the amplitude of Beledi fitness program. Beledi Rashtri involves free-flowing movements rather than fast earthy movements. Veils can be used in different ways which improves the co-ordination between mind and body.


Beledi HAFL is a group activity to increase your strength, mind and body co-ordination. This is a non-stop activity of 45 minutes to immerse yourself in Arabic music, moving your Bellydance way into fitness.


Beledi DIT focuses on learning in-depth about belly dancing. Beledi DIT is complete knowledge-based training designed for Beledi instructors to enhance their knowledge about Bellydance.


The advance techniques of Beledi RASHTRI forms Beledi RASHTRI ADVANCED. This format will make woman feel like the pistil in a flower. She blooms in the flow of the veil with vibrant colours, making her feel the combination of power & grace in her. Works on arm strengthening & endurance.